Mobile-Friendly Website Design In Newmarket, Suffolk

Hilsden Digital offers web design services to clients in Cambridge and Suffolk. We can help your business get results from your website.

Web Design Services That Won't Give You The Run Around

Hilsden Digital's website design can help your business grow without the frustration of chasing unaccountable web designers or agencies.

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I'm Daniel Hilsden, A Digital Marketing Professional Based in Newmarket, Suffolk

I help drive new business to websites through Website Design and Optimisation.

Daniel Hilsden

Digital Marketing Specialist

I take pride in helping businesses grow online by creating well-optimised websites.

Website Design

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Hilsden Digital can create a new website to help drive new customers to your business.

Offer For Local Companies: Get 15% Off Website Design Costs

Our services are discounted for companies that are located near Newmarket (up to a value of £2,000).

Website Design Service

Hilsden Digital's website design services can help your business see results by applying content optimisations and fixing search engine related errors.

Website Redesign Service

Already have a website? Haven't had any work done on it for a while? Our website redesign is a more cost-effective way to update your website, SEO and mobile-friendliness.

Website SEO

Hilsden Digital can help optimise your website for search engines like Google and Bing. *Please note that the web design discount does not apply to this service.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design That Won't Mess You About

Our mobile-friendly web design service has one thing in mind: your business. When Hilsden Digital starts your project we'll put a timeline on the table so you understand how long the work is expected to take and stick to that schedule.

Framework and Technical Optimisations

Our method is to create a framework which we then grow and expand upon using information about your business collected via a questionnaire.

Page Speed Optimisations

The final part of our process is to carry out page speed and technical optimisations to help encourage website actions.

Four Pillars of Successful Web Design

Hilsden Digital can help your business make the right choice when it comes to your website. Our design is based on four principles:

Mobile-Friendly Design

The key to creating a successful website is to ensure that it is accessible to all visitors. A website that is mobile-friendly can resize to fit different browsing devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Faster Page Load Speeds

Users and visitors abandon web pages which have load times higher than three seconds as they become increasingly accustomed to fibre-optic broadband speeds. This point alone highlights the importance of having a website that loads quickly to get visitors through the door without delay.

Content That Fuels Website Goals

Your website should have well written, informative content that helps to direct users towards key website goals. By producing content that sells the strength of your services, provides social proof and helps to direct them towards a resolution.

Search Engine Ready

By providing search optimisations (SEO) as standard with our website design packages you can expect to see a noticeable increase in website traffic. From performing on-page optimisations to getting you set up on Google Search Console.

What Should You Look At Before Considering Web Design?

Before you consider having your existing website redesigned, or a new one designed from scratch it's important to look at the following aspects before making a decision:

Grow Your Business

Do you feel like your current website isn't performing? Have you been messed around?

Hilsden Digital offers website design services that are thorough, give you entitlements moving forwards and contains documentation of the work we do.

Google Analytics Certified - Installation of Google Analytics and Goal Setup

SEO Submissions - Submission of Your Website to Google Search Console

Transparent Design Service - Know Exactly What You Pay For, And What You Can Expect Back

Website Design Projects by Hilsden Digital

Hilsden Digital carries out web design work for local and national clients to help them increase the amount of business coming through their doors.

Adams and Eden Restoration Builders

Builders in Newmarket

Adams and Eden came to Hilsden Digital wanting to increase the amount of work they were getting on a month to month basis. By designing a visually attractive, well-optimised website with a Google AdWords account to bolster their business, Adams and Eden have managed to have their best year on record by working with Hilsden Digital.

Shire Financial Services

Mortgage Advisors in Newmarket

Shire tasked Hilsden Digital with revamping their old, out-dated website. Hilsden Digital helped Shire regain control of their website, and begin creating a mobile-friendly version of their website. Throughout the process, Hilsden Digital provides Shire with a free content updating service as the mortgage market has to keep up with financial rules and regulations that change year on year.

Redline Car Storage

Classic Car Storage

Redline Car Storage was experiencing numerous technical issues upon launching their new secure car storage website; poor server and page load times were hindering visitors, broken links were providing a poor on-site experience and the written content was something that needed work before it could strike a chord with potential customers. Hilsden Digital optimised their page speed, content and launched an AdWords Campaign to help fill out the facility with classic and vintage cars.

Hilsden Digital helps companies throughout Cambridge, Suffolk and the rest of the UK

Hilsden Digital takes pride in helping local businesses achieve real growth through web design.

Get 15% Off Website Design, Redesign & Updates

Hilsden Digital provides content updates for FREE (see website entitlement document*) and provides 15% off web design costs for local customers; we'll even submit your website to search engines as standard!

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