Digital Advertising & Website Traffic

Google AdWords PPC Management

Hilsden Digital will optimise and run your PPC campaigns on a month-to-month basis. Our primary focus with your PPC campaigns is to provide your business with a greater ROAS each month and increase the commercial value of the users visiting your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our technical and local SEO services can help your business identify on-site weaknesses. Our specialised SEO can improve your business gain greater local search visibility through the fixing poorly optimised elements. Get in touch today to find out how Hilsden Digital can fix common SEO errors and on-site issues.

Landing Page Optimisation

Our landing page optimisation services help to enhance the rate at which users make purchases or enquiries through your website. By carrying out A/B tests and analysing live visitor recordings, we can help reduce end-user frustration and streamline your sales or enquiry process without the need to increase your advertising spend.

Website Design & Analytics

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Mobile internet usage in the UK has now surpassed traditional desktop PC and laptop usage. Your website should be ready to cater for mobile and tablet customers as they now make up more than half of all users surfing the net. Our responsive web design makes your website more natural to use on multiple devices and helps streamline your sales or enquiry process.

Google Analytics, Heatmaps and Visitor Recordings

Hilsden Digital can help you turn user data into actionable feedback. By using live visitor recording software in conjunction with Google Analytics, we can help identify user frustrations and optimise accordingly to help increase on-page conversion rates.

Free Website Audit

Our free website audit can help identify duplicate content errors, 4XX codes, manual spam penalties, slow page load times and poor meta-data. Want to know how your website stands up against your competitors? Contact us today to arrange a free website audit.

Consultation & Local Services

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Hilsden Digital offers a free initial digital marketing and website consultation for businesses in Newmarket & Cambridge. During this meeting you can pick our brains about anything; from Analytics to Google Ads we'll help you understand how each fit into your digital advertising strategy and what you can prioritise for some quick wins.

Digital Brand Development

Hilsden Digital can help you develop your online brand through paid search, content optimisation and brand uniformity. By ensuring that your brand messaging is consistent across all channels while highlighting the strengths of your products and services we can help you convert and direct new customers.

Free Digital Marketing Consultation

A digital marketing consultation could be exactly what your business needs to turn around poor digital performance or to help you get a fresh perspective on where you should be advertising.