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Our client-focused search engine optimisations put your business at the front of everything we do. Our SEO helps to enhance your rankings, visibility and fuel website enquiries.

Hilsden Digital Can Manage The SEO For Your Businesses

Our SEO helps to drive organic traffic to your website.

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I'm Daniel Hilsden, A Google Certified Professional Based in Newmarket, Suffolk

I help drive new business to websites using Search Engine Optimisation, Google Search Console and Analytics

Daniel Hilsden

SEO & PPC Specialist

I take pride in helping businesses grow online by providing clear and easy to understand search engine optimisation services.

Google Certified Individual

I hold active certifications in Google AdWords and Analytics

My knowledge of Google Analytics, AdWords, SEO and Search Console can help your business understand what traffic drives positive growth through your website.

Search Engine Optimisations and Easy to Read Reports

Hilsden Digital uses Google Analytics, SEMrush and Search Console data to enahnce your SEO. We've helped brands like The Music Site improve their rankings, monitor keyword positions and regularly provide them with consultancy services.

Technical Search Engine Optimisation

Our technical optimisations will help improve the visibility, rankings and organic traffic of your website.

Search Engine Optimisation Tailored For Local Companies

Hilsden Digital will get your business setup on Google My Business and Search Console to begin optimising your local search efforts.

Addressing Core Search Issues

Hilsden Digital will help you understand key SEO issues and begin optimising based on the information we uncover. By running a full website audit we'll help identify SEO errors and begin fixing them to improve the visibility of your website on search engines like Google and Bing.

Content Optimisation

The content of your website needs to sell the strength of your services and products to users. It should be more than a reflection of your own image, and something that new visitors can understand. Hilsden Digital uses an onboarding questionnaire to find out more about your business and craft informative web content for your visitors based on what we collect.

White Hat Implementation

Hilsden Digital believes that our thoroughness, easy to read reporting and user-focused optimisations can help your business reach its long-term and immediate goals. By implementing a strong white hat strategy and combining it with our extensive knowledge of technical SEO, we'll help improve your website SEO and inbound enquiries, sales and bookings.

Backlinks, Penalty Removals and Toxic Link Disavowing

Backlinks are the lifeblood of your website and increase the likelihood that you'll rank on search engines like Google and Bing. Strong backlinks can provide a huge benefit to your website's ability to rank for keywords, whereas toxic links have the opposite effect, and can get you penalised. Hilsden Digital can help you assess your current backlink profile.

Technical Optimisations, Page Speed and HTTPS

From implementing HTTPS (which is now a ranking signal for Google) to fixing duplicate content errors we'll leave no stone unturned when it comes to your search health. Your account manager will also arrange for page speed optimisations to be made for your site, ensuring that you leave competitors in the dust and secure all important ranking improvements.

Key Elements of Strong Technical SEO

Hilsden Digital can help your business achieve, gain and maintain search rankings through optimisations revealed by your website audit. Key areas we focus on are:

Hilsden Digital - SEO That Gets Results

Working with Hilsden Digital helps remove the headache of chasing agencies or unaccountable third parties

You'll never have to chase Hilsden Digital for an answer when it comes to SEO. Our rolling monthly SEO management plans are flexible and you'll get a monthly report to see your traffic, conversions and rankings.

Google Analytics Certified - Understand Website Traffic, Filter Out Spam Data

Technical Optimisation - Improve SEO Health, Visibility and Keyword Rankings

Conversion Tracking - Track Conversions Through Organic Traffic, Goal Setup in Analytics

What Do You Get Each Month?

Below should provide you with a better understanding of the information we'll give you each month, so you know what you're paying for.

Technical Optimisations and Error Removals

Hilsden Digital will fix duplicate content and technical SEO errors which prevent your site from appearing on Google.

Your Ranking Improvements

Find out what positions you hold for keywords and understand how this changes on a daily and monthly basis.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console Traffic Reports

Find out which organic keywords are driving traffic and how long users spend on your website.

No Nonsense Search Engine Optimisation

Hilsden Digital keeps SEO simple. Our easy to read organic traffic and keyword ranking reports help you understand the change in your positions, technical improvements we make and the increase in your visibility each month.

If you feel you've been let down by your current SEO agency or manager, Hilsden Digital can help you turn things around

Our optimisations are fully documented so you have a greater understanding of how our optimisations are enhancing organic website traffic and conversions

If you're currently paying for SEO services and are worried that you're being taken advantage of please contact us to arrange a free audit or brief, impartial chat.

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