Hilsden Digital's Privacy Policy

The Hilsden Digital website takes user privacy seriously. Our privacy policy will underline how we use your data, how we will communicate with you and how you can opt out from marketing communications. Our site also uses cookies which remember your preferences each time you visit the site, they also tell us what pages you visit during your time on our website. We use this information to improve the quality of our content so you can find services or answers without any issues.

  • Using Our Contact Forms: When you use our contact forms we'll make sure we protect your interests. Hilsden Digital promises to never sell your data to any third parties and by using our contact forms you are NOT automatically opted into any marketing communications. By using our contact forms you consent to receive an email or phone call back from us to the number or email address you provided.

  • Use Of Cookies: The Hilsden Digital website uses cookies. If you're unsure about what cookies are or what purpose they serve, please visit the following link for a full explanation of how they work: All About Cookies

  • How Can You Opt Out Of Marketing Communications? If you're concerned that you haven't been correctly removed from our email newsletter, please use our contact form (citing your email address) and we'll aim to get your details removed within 24 hours.

  • I Have Another Concern, How Can I Get In Touch With You? We take your concerns about privacy and security seriously. If you need to contact us regarding anything that you may be worried about, please use the contact form on our 'Contact Us' page and leave a message. We'll respond to you within 24 hours and help put your mind at ease.

Information Collected Through Our Website:

The Hilsden Digital website will collect session data through Google Analytics. This tells us which pages engage you as a customer or provide you with the information you were searching for. We also gain insights on how much time you spend on a single given page and whether or not you made a successful enquiry by using one of our contact forms. We also collect your personal data through our online enquiry forms and is limited to the fields on any given form: your full name, contact number, email address and your request). Should you request a call back from us, we may ask you for the following articles of information depending on what your request is: your full name, email address, website URL, marketing spend, marketing goals and what industry you operate in.

Third-Party Advertising and Analytics:

If ever we advertise for third parties we will make it clear that links are affiliated with certain products or services. Our site uses Google Analytics to help us understand what information and pages you find useful after we have this information we then aim to improve content on these pages or add additional pages to help you get the information or services you need.

  1. Affiliate Links: Hilsden Digital does not currently (14/08/2017) use affiliate links to generate money to keep our site running or promote new services. When this changes, we will clearly state which links on our website are affiliate ones.

  2. Sponsored Content: At this present time (14/08/2017) Hilsden Digital does not run sponsored content. If this ever changes we will mark any and all posts as 'sponsored'.

  3. Analytics: As stated previously, our site uses Analytics to assess the pages you visit while using the Hilsden Digital website and how you find our site through search engines.


The star ratings used on the Hilsden Digital website are taken from our Google My Business, Trustpilot and Facebook pages. These reviews are reflected on a unique basis; meaning we do not use the same review across multiple platforms to inflate our total number of reviews. The rating widgets found on the Google results pages are unique reviews and the average star rating given for each unique review applies the same principle (again: we do not use duplicate reviews across multiple platforms to inflate our star rating value). We do take unique reviews from different platforms and add them to our overall star rating score. We do this because some clients find it easier to leave a review on Facebook than they do on Google and we like to be flexible in the way we allow clients to leave feedback for services we've provided.

Hilsden Digital uses HTML, PHP and WordPress templates, frameworks and themes to build websites. We do not claim ownership of these templates, themes or frameworks in any way. When you pay us to create a website you are in-part paying for the framework we use to build your website, moreover, you are paying for our knowledge of content optimisation, SEO, Analytics, technical troubleshooting and Google AdWords. In addition to this Hilsden Digital provides ongoing website support whereby we'll make text, image and marketing related changes to your website to help you attract more business until such a time where you decide to get a website done elsewhere. Finally, we customise the templates, frameworks and themes we use to ensure they are well-optimised for search engines like Google and Bing and that their page speed is optimised for the upcoming algorithm update anticipated this Summer (2018).

Your Continued Protection:

Hilsden Digital has gone a step further with our dedication to user security, as of the 14th of August 2017 we now use an SSL certificate to encrypt any transmitted data that comes through our website (look in your browser bar for the green padlock) in a continued effort to provide useful and secure services to website visitors. Your security when using our site is paramount and if you are not satisfied with anything on our site, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can put your mind at ease.