Our PPC, SEO & Web Design Pricing Guide

Hilsden Digital can help you manage your pay per click marketing, design a new website or optimise your on-page SEO. Each project is fully documented and priced on a case by case basis to allow all businesses, small or large, to benefit from our services.

PPC Services

Priced On An Individual Basis

* We use a 10% of ad spend model as a fee when managing large PPC accounts (Ad spend greater than £5,000/month). For smaller businesses we price our services on an individual basis.

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PPC Pricing and Payment

If you feel let down by your current PPC agency or account manager, Hilsden Digital will aim to beat your current payment plan while delivering greater results.

Website Design

Priced On An Individual Basis

* The price of your design can be discounted by 15% if you're a business local to Newmarket

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Web Design Pricing and Payment

Your business pays for the website hosting and yearly domain name costs. You'll only be invoiced once the work is completed, and we'll offer you unlimited revisions until you're happy with your website.

SEO Services

Priced On An Individual Basis

* Our search engine optimisations are carried out and documented to show you the results we deliver.

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SEO Pricing and Payment

You pay a fixed fee for the initial optimisations and then a monthly management fee as we report how organic traffic is fuelling sales or enquiries on your website.