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Our pay per click management services can help your business grow on platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

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I'm Daniel Hilsden, A Google AdWords Certified Professional Based in Newmarket, Suffolk

I help drive new business to websites using pay per click channels like Google AdWords and Bing Ads

Daniel Hilsden

SEO & PPC Specialist

I take pride in helping businesses grow online by providing clear and easy to understand digital advertising and optimisation services.

Google Certified Individual

I hold active certifications in Google AdWords and Analytics

My knowledge of Google Analytics, AdWords, SEO and Search Console can help your business understand what traffic drives positive growth through your website.

Having Trouble With Your Pay Per Click Advertising?

If you feel like you're being let down by your current PPC manager, Hilsden Digital are confident in our ability to turn things around for your business.

Our PPC Process

Hilsden Digital puts your business interests at the forefront of everything we do

Hilsden Digital can enhance your Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaigns by creating information-rich page content to help sell the strengths of your business to website visitors.

PPC Management

Hilsden Digital can manage your AdWords account each month.

Understanding Your Business

Hilsden Digital will collect information about your business via a questionnaire.

Enhance account performance and generate a greater return on ad spend through our campaign management.

PPC Location Targeting

Targeting locations near your business to drive greater numbers of local enquiries.

Your campaign manager will create campaigns that target local and surrounding areas. Similar to how Hilsden Digital targets users in Suffolk, we'll optimise your AdWords campaigns by targeting users based on their location relative to your business.

Location targeting is a great way to attract local customers to your business.

Content Optimisation

Optimising page content to help visitors understand your business

By creating easy to read page content that sells the strength of your services, products and business helps to provide users with information they can then act on.

Custom landing pages are a great way to sell your products and services to different traffic sources.
Content That Meets User Needs

Website visitors are in search of information. Providing them with information-rich page content you can help bring them towards a decision to contact your business, call you or complete an online purchase.

Keywords Strategy

Targeting keywords which drive conversions

Hilsden Digital doesn't deliver clicks to your business, we aim to deliver conversions, sales and all important web enquiries.

Negative Keywords

Hilsden Digital uses negative keywords to reduce your advertising budget loss. A negative keyword is a search term that is unrelated to your business and services.

Keyword Match Types

Hilsden Digital uses different keyword match types to help highly interested visitors make it to your website. Match types help us discover new and negative keywords.

Keywords Performance by Device

Smartphones have overtaken desktop computers as key browsing devices. Having an account that pushes sales across multiple devices is one way you can improve campaign performance.

Keyword Specific Adverts & Pages

Hilsden Digital will work with you to create keyword specific adverts and landing pages to drive a greater number of monthly conversions.

Visitor Recordings & Website Analytics

Visitor recordings and Google Analytics help us troubleshoot website issues

Using the latest visitor recording software, we'll help you capture live user sessions and feedback to improve the performance of your website.

Reducing page bounce rates helps you keep more traffic on your site.
Reduce Page Abandonment

By using visitor recordings and Google Analytics we can help you identify common page abandonment issues.

Goal and event tracking helps your business measure the success of your digital marketing efforts, site usage and user experience with your brand.
Drive Up Conversion Rates

On an account level, the information we gather from visitor recordings and Analytics to reduce campaign costs and enhance conversion rates.

Qualified & Certified in Google AdWords and Analytics

Google AdWords certified individual.
Google AdWords Certified Individual

Hilsden Digital's extensive AdWords knowledge can help you grow your business, no matter your monthly budget. Our specialist knowledge has helped local businesses throughout Suffolk and Cambridge achieve substantial growth within one year.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification.
Google Analytics Certified Individual

Our Analytical knowledge can help you gain actionable data from your website's Analytics account. Lower bounce rates, increase time on page and enhance overall conversion rates.

PPC Management That's Not Limited to Where You Live

Hilsden Digital is situated in Newmarket, Suffolk, outside of Cambridge. The power of digital makes it easier to work with companies further afield.

Access To Your Account Manager

Your business will have a constant line of communication with your campaign manager. Whether it's scheduling weekly phone calls to find out what work has been carried out on your AdWords, or logging in yourself to have a look, Hilsden Digital will be on hand to advise you.

Clear Communication

We are highly responsive to our clients and pride ourself on our ability to communicate account goals clearly with you. Hilsden Digital likes to set realistic expectations and make ourselves available daily should you have any questions about your campaigns.

No Long-Term Contract

Our PPC management services are done on a rolling, month to month basis or a percentage of account spend for larger accounts.

Why Choose Hilsden Digital, Even if We're Not Near Your Business?

Hilsden Digital doesn't duck phone calls or questions and are available throughout the working week should you have any questions. By keeping up to date with the latest Google accreditations we aim to deliver a greater service to businesses who may feel like they're not getting a good deal.

Your Go-To Authority in Google AdWords and PPC Management

Your business and AdWords campaigns deserve an account manager that cares about the growth of your business. Hilsden Digital delivers a thorough monthly management service which includes the installation and setup of your Google Analytics account.

Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated account managers deliver greater results from Google AdWords and Bing Ads when compared to accounts that are shared across multiple managers.

We'll NEVER Outsource Your PPC Management

Not outsourcing means no mixed results. Your account will be managed by Hilsden Digital, and Hilsden Digital alone.

5 Years of Commercial PPC Experience

Hilsden Digital prides itself on delivering results through Google AdWords and PPC advertising. For nearly five years we have managed the paid search of clients, both big and small; delivering data-driven results every time.

Optimisation Based on Data, Not Hunches

By using live visitor recordings, heat map data and Google Analytics we can optimise your campaigns to create an intuitive user experience which leads to the real-world growth of your business.

Keyword Attribution

Tracking the value, profit and loss of keywords are something we can help you with. Knowing which traffic sources are driving enquiries or sales is important as you move forward.

Jargon-Free Paid Search

Our approach is a simple one: keep things easy to understand and document the results of the work we do. We'll never bombard you with jargon and will always make sure that you understand the changes we make, and why.

Get Real-World Results From Our PPC Services

Our PPC management can help your company attract new customers from PPC platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

Fed Up With Chasing Dodgy Account Managers and Agencies?

Hilsden Digital's trusted PPC services can help your business grow.

Our comprehensive PPC management services can help grow your business and give you the confidence to move forward as a business owner.

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