Having Trouble With Your Pay Per Click Advertising?

Hilsden Digital is here to help

If you feel like you're being let down by your current PPC manager, Hilsden Digital are confident in our ability to turn things around for your business. Hilsden Digital can enhance your Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaigns by creating information-rich page content to help sell the strengths of your business to website visitors. We can help you:

  • Hilsden Digital can manage your AdWords account each month
  • Enhance account performance and generate a greater return on ad spend through our campaign management
  • Using the latest visitor recording software, we'll help you capture live user sessions and feedback to improve the performance of your website

Hilsden Digital doesn't deliver empty clicks to your website, we strive to do better; delivering users who are ready to act on their search. Whether that's an online purchase, booking, sale or all important web enquiry, we'll make sure you've got the best opportunity to sell users on your services.

By using negative keywords, we'll help reduce the losses in your advertising account which in turn increases the relevancy of your ads and who they are shown to. In addition to this, we'll help you rewrite your on-page content to provide visitors with information that sells the strengths of your services.

Get Real-World Results From Our PPC Services

Our PPC onboarding process ensures that we understand your business which enables us to optimise your campaigns

Getting To Know Your Business Via Our Onboarding Questionnaire

One of the first steps we take is to gather as much information about your business as possible via an onboarding questionnaire; this gives us key insights into your business as well as ideas for revised written content.

In our experience, clients we've done work in the past, often have their website created in a way that's easy for them to understand, but may not necessarily communicate its strengths to the target audience. This is great for you as a business owner but often means your site visitors are left feeling confused by terminology and language that you've included for your own benefit.

Hilsden Digital can help you fix this and boost conversion rates through clearly written content.

Agree On Advertising Goals & Sign Advertising Agreement

Once we've agreed upon advertising goals we can begin the optimisation of your PPC campaigns, which are carried out on a rolling, month to month basis; we charge a fixed fee for this management service or a percentage for accounts with greater monthly spends.

You sign an agreement with us to have your campaigns managed each month and (if you feel like moving on) you can cease your partnership with Hilsden Digital by giving us one month's notice (this way you're not tied down by a long-term contract).

Send Out Access Request Documents

Once we've collected information about your business we then request access to important logins like Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

We collect these logins via an additional document to prevent needless back and forth in the future; this way we can get started as soon as you get the information over to us.

Begin The Optimisation Of Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

Armed with the information provided in your onboarding questionnaire and access request documents, we'll begin carrying out optimisations to your campaigns.

We'll set up conversion tracking, call tracking and any other insights you'd like to know about in the Google Analytics and AdWords interfaces. This information is then presented to you at the end of the month in an easy to interpret marketing report.

Ongoing Monthly Management & Reporting

As we move forward together, we'll make continual improvements to your account (with your say-so) and gather more users insights to discover how your website is being used via smart recording software called Hotjar.

With this information, we'll fix any glaring issues and further optimise your website and PPC campaigns to ensure you're getting the healthiest return for your investment.