Hilsden Digital is Proud to Help Tradesmen Throughout East Anglia

Through Google Ads we'll help deliver high-intent customers to your Website

If you feel like you're being let down by your current Google Ads campaign manager get in touch with Hilsden Digital.

Our ability to turn things around for your business with a specific focus on optimising your Google Ads campaign and mirroring these changes on your website helps to deliver the best quality traffic with a direct interest in your services. We can help you with:

  • Monthly Google Ads Campaign Management
  • Optimisation of Google Ads Accounts
  • Geo-Targeted Google Ad Campaigns
  • Troubleshooting Existing Google Ad Accounts
  • Adhering To Monthly Budget Specifications
  • Optimise Your Website's Pages for Google Ads traffic

Our mission is to provide real-world results based on your monthly Google Ads spend; sending high-interest users directly to the most relevant pages on your website. Whether you're looking to generate more online purchases, bookings or sales we'll make sure your business captures users when they are most interested in enquiring about your services - we then combine this traffic with improvements to the written content on your website to create long-term growth for your business.

By collecting information about your business in our onboarding questionnaire we'll take this information and create new written copy for your website with the goal of convincing users that your business is the one they should choose.

Get Real-World Results From Google Advertising

Learning about new clients we use a five step guide to ensure the success of your campaigns:

Getting To Know Your Business Via Our Onboarding Questionnaire

The first step we take is to request information about you, your business and the services you provide.

We then use this information to create Google Ad campaigns that sell the strength of your business and convince new customers to click through to your website.

Once they arrive on your website they'll experience new written copy that clearly communicates the services you provide and the strength of your business - the goal here is to convince the user that enquiring now is their best option and we back this up with social proof widgets like Google Reviews.

Agree On Google Ads Goals & Sign Advertising Agreement

Once we've agreed upon your goals with Google Ads we request that you sign our monthly advertising agreement - don't worry, this isn't a long-term lock in! We simply request that provided you get sufficient bookings/enquiries to fill up your working calendar that you pay Hilsden Digital a fixed monthly retainer for providing you with a steady flow of new clients.

Our agreement states that you're happy to have your campaigns managed by Hilsden Digital each month and that you'll provide one month's notice should you ever wish to move on.

Send Out Access Request Docs

Once we've collected information about your business we then request access to important advertising services like Google Analytics, Google My Business and Google Ads.

We collect these logins via an additional document to prevent needless back and forth in the future; this way we can get started as soon as you provide us with the information.

Optimise Your Google Ads Campaigns

Armed with the information provided in your onboarding questionnaire and access request documents, we'll begin carrying out optimisations to your campaigns.

We'll set up conversion tracking, call tracking and any session recording so that you can see the value of our work - we also request regular verbal and written feedback about the quality of your enquiries to better help us manage your campaigns.

Ongoing Monthly Management & Regular Catch Ups

The goal moving forwards is to collect direct feedback about sales and enquiries from you to ensure your Google Ad spend is providing growth and value to your business - once your account is well-optimised we'll schedule regular catch-up calls to ensure things are running smoothly.

By collecting regular feedback about your campaign's performance we'll aim to push new customers and enquiries to your business each month so that your calendar is filled to the brim with high-value work.

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