Case Study - The Sandwich Mill

A longstanding sandwich shop based in Newmarket tasked us with creating an information-packed website to help encourage new business opportunities through organic web searches. This project was completed from scratch and we offered The Sandwich Mill unlimited content revisions until they were satisfied with the website's content. The website is easy to navigate and The Sandwich Mill have already benefited from new website enquiries via the on-page contact form.

The Sandwich Mill - Our Approach

The Sandwich Mill tasked Hilsden Digital with the creation of a website that was informative and visually appealing; with a specific request for an on-site menu from their shop. In addition to this, we helped them craft page content to help encourage new business enquiries with a particular focus on business lunches and buffets. The initial steps we took was the registration of their domain and set up the website on their behalf. From this, we then created an HTML framework and collected information about The Sandwich Mill via a business questionnaire. This information was then used to help us understand their business goals and craft highly informative page copy to help sell the strengths of their business.

The Sandwich Mill Are Thrilled With The Results

The resulting website is well-optimised for search engines like Google and Bing and has already received web enquiries from new business partners. Our technical and page-speed optimisations have helped The Sandwich Mill gain organic search ranks and appear top of local search results. Hilsden Digital will continue to provide The Sandwich Mill with content update services free of charge as this is included in the cost of any website created by Hilsden Digital.

Hilsden Digital Has Helped The Sandwich Mill Turn Their Ideas Into A Fully Functional Website

The feedback we have received The Sandwich Mill reminds us of why we like to help local businesses. Their praise gives us a great sense of pride and motivates us to continue providing website design and SEO services.

On-Page Menu

One of the feature requests we received from The Sandwich Mill was to incorporate a working menu into the web design. The home page menu covers an extensive range of food from their morning and afternoon menus.

Information-Rich Content

Our onboarding questionnaire helps us to understand businesses and create user-focused content that encourages website engagement. Our interactions and content revisions made with help of The Sandwich Mill have already benefited their business.

Easy To Use Navigation

Hilsden Digital keeps website navigation easy to use and intuitive. By creating pages with a consistent top menu (that also follows users as they scroll down the page) allows users to have a constant go-to menu should they need to contact The Sandwich Mill.