Case Study - Redline Car Storage

Hilsden Digital has helped Redline Car Storage create key performance goals in Analytics, implement conversion tracking and provide them with on-page SEO changes to increase their organic search visibility.

Initial Problems & Troubleshooting

A classic car storage facility looking to increase awareness of its storage and vehicle transport services. Redline initially faced a lot of user experience related issues; poor serving load times, broken page links, poor on-page SEO and content that needed reworking to address customer needs. By filtering out spam referral traffic in Google Analytics, Hilsden Digital has helped provide Redline Car Storage with accurate data to give them greater insights into how users are interacting with the website. In addition to this we created an AdWords campaign to attract new clients to this car storage business.

The Improvements

Hilsden Digital has helped Redline resolve server load time issues by helping them migrate to a new web hosting company, optimised their page speed for Google ahead of the algorithm update due later this year, added conversions in Analytics to help them track goal completion metrics, updated their written content to better cater for end-user needs and provided them with a robust, well-optimised AdWords campaign. In addition to this we updated spam filters within their email inbox as they were incorrectly sending perfectly good leads into the spam folder. Our ongoing work with Redline is starting to yield results and we look forward to creating a mutually benefical working relationship with them.

Analytical, Search Engine & Technical Troubleshooting

Hilsden Digital has helped Redline Car Storage overcome technical website issues, improved their organic search presence and resolved ongoing issues which were corrupting Google Analytics data regarding their website.


Working with Redline, Hilsden Digital has implemented user heatmaps and mouse movement recordings to provide a greater idea of how users actually interact with the website. We can then resolve errors and further optimise the website to encourage user enquiries.

Visitor Recordings

Visitor recordings allow a playback of an individual website session (while obfuscating user details for privacy purposes) which allows us to identify key user frustrations, issues and pages they perform well; providing highly relevant user-focussed information.

Analytics & Search Console Linking

Hilsden Digital has created Analytics goals, filters and performance indicators to help Redline Car Storage measure the success of organic and paid search traffic. By providing Analytical services in addition to our content updates we continue to help Redline grow.