Initial Problems & Troubleshooting

Redline initially faced a lot of user experience related issues; poor server load times, broken page links, poor on-page SEO and written content that needed reworking to address customer needs. By filtering out spam referral traffic in Google Analytics, Hilsden Digital has helped provide Redline Car Storage with clear data to help them better attract clients to their dehumidified car storage facility.

The Improvements

Hilsden Digital has helped Redline resolve multiple website issues from server load times to migrating them to a new web hosting company. In addition to this further optimisations were carried out to their page speed for Google ahead of the algorithm update due later this year. We also installed conversion tracking and Google Analytics to help them track goal completion metrics, updated their written content to better cater for end-user needs and provided them with a robust, well-optimised AdWords campaign. In addition to this, we updated spam filters within their email inbox as they were incorrectly sending perfectly good leads into the spam folder.