20 Feb 2017

Do You Have Dedicated Landing Pages For Your Paid Search Traffic?

TL;DR Dedicated landing pages are a great tool to help guide end-users towards purchasing or making an enquiry. Use them to qualify common visitor concerns, showcase product benefits and provide choices that are relevant to the search terms that placed them on your site.

Dedicated landing pages are an essential part of paid search. They allow you to captivate user interest and guide them through your sales process with content that's tailored around the search terms they used before clicking through to your website. You can also use a keyword themed landing pages to address common end user concerns surrounding your products and services to help put their mind at ease before the commit to completing an enquiry or sale.

By sending paid traffic to keyword themed landing pages you can better speak to the end user's intent; answer common product related questions, showcase unique product benefits and highlight the strengths of your services to sell yourself over competitors. On a campaign level, keyword specific landing pages are brilliant at enhancing key campaign metrics like quality score, ad rank, CPC, CTR and landing page relevancy.

Dedicated landing pages enable you to:

  • Reduce page abandonment
  • Create sitelink extensions to improve CTR
  • Provide direction for end-users
  • Get a higher quality score
  • Get a lower average CPC
  • Place visitors further down your sales funnel

Let's say you're an avid gamer and you decide to hop onto Google and search for gaming PC chairs UK. You find Bob's Computer Shop which sells all manner of computer bits and bobs, including gaming chairs. However, Bob's Computer Shop sends you to their homepage where you see the following:

After a while looking at the homepage, you're still not sure on how to find gaming chairs using their site navigation and click off! Unlucky, Bob. You just lost a customer by not directing them to a dedicated landing page for gaming chairs.

Using a time-machine, Bob's Computer Shop goes back in time and creates a dedicated landing page for any search term that contains "gaming" or "chairs" or a combination of both. You then visit the site a second time and are presented with the following:

The page not only presents you with gaming chairs but takes the liberty of separating them into categories and highlights that all chairs have a 10-year money back guarantee. Guess what? You click through to the bean bag recliners section and net yourself a tidy little bean bag that comes with freebies, and most importantly, Bob's Computer Shop has made a sale by directing you and putting your mind at ease by highlighting a unique selling point of their products.

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